About Us

We are pleased to introduce you to Advance Care LLC, a Medicare Certified, Joint- Commission Accredited home health provider serving the Greater Richmond and Tri-Cities areas of Central Virginia for the past eight (8) years.

We currently manage our patients from a main office in the Midlothian area of South Central Virginia, with the additional support of a satellite office located in the West End area of Richmond. This affords our Clinical Field staff opportunity to save time on office related duties and spend more time where the Advance Care team is truly needed- in the field providing education, support and treatment to our patients.

Our service area encompasses roughly 50 miles outbound in every direction from our main office in Midlothian, Virginia. Advance Care LLC is often asked to consider providing care for patients in outlying areas. We consider these requests on a case by case basis. Our team willingly services these patients once a determination is made by management to accept responsibility for their care. We have strong relationships with several Hospitals and Physician Practices. We often put extra effort into servicing patients from our Community Partners, even if they require additional effort from our team in order to provide the requested services.

Founded in August, 2006, Advance Care LLC remains one of the few privately owned home heath companies in the Richmond area. We feel this distinction is a positive attribute, in that it directly correlates to a lack of layers in our decision making process. This defines Advance Care as a company that can quickly meet special needs and deal with emergent situations without the undue burden of constraints tied to multi-layer approval processes. Our Management team is able to quickly identify and assess special circumstances, issues or challenges and apply solutions, resolution, and follow up in an efficient and timely manner.

A “hands on “approach from Advance Care LLC leadership and the “open door” policy under which management operates bolsters the confidence of our team and ensures rapid follow-up whenever questions arise. There is great understanding from the Advance Care LLC leadership team that the only way to truly be the Provider of Choice for our area, is to be the Employer of Choice. Great effort is taken to meet the needs of our Team, so that they are both content with their employment circumstance and committed to maintaining the standards of care that have been set for our team.

Over the course of the last eight (8) years, since the opening of Advance Care LLC, great strides have been made by our team. We have exceeded our own projections for growth and positive relationships within the healthcare community that we serve. Advance Care LLC has grown to a staff of ninety, with approximately sixty (60) of those individuals being nurses and therapists in the field.

We have been recognized, not only by discharge planners of various organizations large and small, but by Physicians and Administrative individuals alike as a company that can provide care for a multitude of varying diagnoses and acuity levels with ease and competence. This assurance that Advance Care LLC can be relied upon for a positive experience and positive outcomes no matter the situation has built Physician and community confidence in our company and all of the services we provide.

It is this confidence from our fellow providers and referral sources that has prompted various organizations and providers to seek our assistance with a variety of programs meant to enhance and streamline continuity of care for patients and to be an answer to pressing challenges to the healthcare provider community today.

Advance Care LLC is a publicly recognized Community Partner with CJW Medical Center for both Stroke and Congestive Heart Failure post-hospitalization care. We were invited to participate in these pilot programs to reduce re-hospitalizations as a result of our diligence to patient education and our ability to engage patients and their caregivers in a commitment to truly understand disease process and the challenges associated with each diagnosis. This engagement results in a clearer path to better management of a patient’s health for both patients and their families and ultimately fewer returns to the hospital for exacerbation support. We are also currently working in tandem with HCA Forest, Parham and Retreat on the rollout of an extensive COPD Program.

Advance Care has also been chosen by the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System as a Strategic Partner to provide Home Health Services for the VCU hospitals as well as all of their satellite freestanding clinics. Advance Care LLC is one of three companies chosen for this pilot, based upon our outcomes, our customer service and our agency’s Operational methods.

We are proud to report without fail one of our top five referral sources each year when we provide our annual operational review for Medicare , is patients that have already been with us for care and who have had another need for home health services. This has been consistent from day one of our entry into the home health arena in the Richmond area. These repeat patients and their caregivers have historically been extremely satisfied with our team’s efforts. They often return requesting by name the Advance Care LLC team members that rendered services many months previously.

Advance Care LLC has demonstrated to the community and to the other healthcare entities we work with on a consistent basis that we stand ready to offer exceptional patient care, quality customer service and thorough communication to every individual we touch in any way.

We welcome an opportunity to extend the Advance Care LLC commitment to exceptional patient care to you, your loved one or your patients.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Advance Care LLC.